The Science - Slow Aging and Support Disease Management

Studies show, diets that promote ketosis support fat reduction, prevent obesity and provide beneficial disease-modifying effects. Ketosis is a natural state for the body, when it is almost completely fueled by fat. This is normal during fasting, or when on a strict low-carb diet, also called a ketogenic diet. ® Carb Revolution is a healthy lifestyle program that is effective for weight management and helps support disease treatment and prevention.

The Trim® Carb Revolution program combines two, scientifically-based dietary strategies:

  • Low level ketosis (induced by an intermittent fasting period)
  • Carbohydrate cycling

Adding carbohydrates strategically into the diet creates a cycle of glycogen replenishment, which supports and drives intermittent fasting and ketosis. This winning combination results in ultra-efficient fat loss while maximizing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions—which can directly improve undesirable symptoms of aging and aid in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Trim® SuperBurn is a proprietary ketone supplement included in The Trim® Carb Revolution program kit, which helps maximize the effects of intermittent fasting and carbohydrate cycling. Trim® SuperBurn works synergistically with the body’s own ketone production and can be further enhanced by healthy fats, such as medium chain triglycerides (MCT oils or coconut oil).

Ketogenic diets and disease management

For many years, dietary therapies have been considered for a wide variety of neurological diseases, including epilepsy, headache, neuro-trauma, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, brain cancer, autism, pain, and multiple sclerosis. Ineffective pharmacological therapies and the growing appeal of natural therapies have expanded the use of therapeutic dietary modification.

The most notable and effective dietary treatment for neurological conditions is ketosis or ketogenic diet, which uses high-fat, moderate protein and low-carbohydrate intake or the use of intermittent fasting.

The two major health opportunities from ketosis are:

  • Rise in ketone body production by the liver
  • Reduction in blood glucose levels

Science behind ketogenic diets

The mechanisms through which ketogenic diets work is likely related to normalizing defective cellular energy production in the brain and body. The concept that many neurological conditions are linked to low energy production, has led to research and experimental therapies, from which the course of several neurological diseases are seeing favorable benefits.

Unlike a regular diet, which mainly uses glucose as the primary fuel source, ketogenic diets provides two primary energy sources:

  • Glucose, from glycogen stores in the liver
  • Gluconeogenesis, which forms glucose from non-carbohydrate sources and ketone bodies, synthesized from fatty acids in the liver

Ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting increase the levels of ketone bodies, which have been found to be an efficient fuel for the body particularly the brain. When comparing glucose to ketones, the ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate (β-HB) provides more energy than glucose, and has been shown to be an exceptional fuel for the brain, especially for the damaged brain cells. Furthermore, enhanced energy from ketosis gives the cell’s mitochondria (energy producing factories) greater ability to resist metabolic damages and therefore stable and improved energy production.

Improved mood and cognitive function are common findings from ketosis due to increased β-HB levels and/or decreased glucose levels. β-HB has a similar makeup to γ-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a naturally occurring neurotransmitter and euphoric drug that has been used as treatment for several medical conditions. It is considered that ketosis and β-HB can also result in a mild euphoric state and subsequently improving mood and cognitive function. Also, reduced brain glucose levels resulting from fasting or ketogenic diets may promote neurogenesis (growth and development of nerve cells) through substances such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that is associated with improved cognition, neurotransmitter production and reduced aging of the brain

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle program

Since the early 1900s, ketogenic diets and resulting ketosis have been a tremendous tool for weight loss and epilepsy. Current research supports that ketosis is also beneficial for many other conditions such as cancer, acne, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovary disease (PCOS), inflammatory bowel, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and others.

Given the current obesity epidemic in the U.S., there is a huge potential for major gains in health improvement through healthy lifestyle programs that utilize the science of low-level ketosis and carbohydrate cycling. The Trim® Carb Revolution program takes it a step further by adding the ketone supplement Trim® SuperBurn AND promoting regular exercise, which creates a complete solution for increasing energy, reducing the symptoms of aging and preventing disease.