The Ultimate Fat Burner

Doctor-formulated supplement to support fat burning, reduce inflammation, increase energy and boost metabolism.

Sustained Energy & Weight Loss

Contains Beta Hydroxybutyrate that provides the benefits of a ketogenic diet without carb restriction.

Liquid Diet Product

Backed by clinical studies to support the weight loss.

Meal Substitution

Promote significant weight loss with natural appetite control.

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Doctor Formulated

Mini Trim® PM provides a great finish to your busy day.

100% Guaranteed

To give you a great sleep without groggy side-effects.

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Trim® Carb Revolution is a cutting-edge fitness and weight management program.

Reset your body’s fat burning hormones and accelerates your metabolic drive.

Carb Revolution utilizes the science of carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting.

Three flexible phases, which are interchangeable: Detox, Leaning and Maintenance.

With Carb Revolution there's no calorie counting, label reading or point collecting.

Reach your optimal weight and fitness level. Follow the Trim® Carb Revolution.

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