Meet the CEO, James Brown

On a quest to have the leanest, healthiest body, mind and soul for all age groups. Going to change the vision of what the “Dad Bod” is recognized as. I am currently 54 years old and My Trim Carb Revolution journey started about 7 years ago.

I was slightly overweight and my body was falling apart. I have had 18 orthopedic types of surgeries since 1993.  Thyroid, shoulders, hips, knee, neck, back and elbows. Exercise and moving around with the added weight was not an option for me. I was in dire need of a lifestyle change. I heard about the Trim Carb Revolution through a close friend.

I started on the program in 2014 prior to my second hip replacement surgery. The first hip surgery in 2012 took a whole year to recover from, no thanks to being out of shape and an alcoholic. I spent two years attempting to follow the plan, but never really could commit to the full routine. I saw some decent results, but I knew I could take it to a whole new level. Once I focused on the diet and my personally designed exercise and training program, I was off riding, literally road my bike 10 miles two days after my last hip replacement and have not looked back.

I can thank Trim Carb Revolution and Priority You’s Telewellness programs, along with their supplements, peptides and IV therapies for my life changing and life appreciating moment. I loved the program so much that I bought half the company. I figured if it could help me as much as it has, that I want to spread the word to the rest of the world about it’s easy to follow program and incredible results. 

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