Trim Success Stories – Featured Client Testimonial

Trim Success Stories – Featured Client Testimonial

40-year-old Marie shed 50 pounds and discovered her bikini body

Marie is a 40-year-old, working mother of four, who has shed nearly 50 pounds by following Trim® Nutrition’s Carb Revolution™ program and fitness training regimen at Trinity Ultimate Fitness (TUF) in Odessa, Florida.  Marie’s nutrition program included carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting along with the consumption of a high protein diet with healthy fats, and Trim® Nutrition nutraceuticals.

“I’ve never been this fit,” she said. “I can wear a bikini.  I’m super happy about that!”

How Marie’s Weight Loss Journey Began

Marie’s weight loss journey began in November 2016, and she says it’s not over yet. Her weight loss goal is 60 pounds. “I want to lose 10 more pounds,” she said.

Marie works in a dental office and she’s never had a cavity in her entire life.  “I never had any problems with my teeth,” she said.  “So I thought, my teeth are good, I can eat sugar it’s not affecting my body.  But it was affecting me, just in different ways.”

Throughout Marie’s life, her weight fluctuated 20 pounds up and down.  “I look back at ballerina pictures and I was the fattest girl in the class,” she said.

When she started her family, her weight continued to fluctuate 20-60 pounds with pregnancies and breastfeeding.  “I hated it, being in that yo-yo pattern,” she said.  “But that was who I was, and I didn’t think I could do anything else except to just run through life and keep fluctuating the way I do.”

In the past, she read up on healthy eating, joined a gym and made a go of it on her own.  “I used to just try eating salads, or a baked potato. I would just use my own way of thinking for diets,” she said.  

She even tried Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix program, and still has two cartons of the IdealShake left in her closet.  “Nothing really ever stuck,” she said.  “It was so expensive, it’s really hard to just throw it away.  But it totally makes my stomach just howell.”

After her last child was born, she got inspired to take action. “I thought to myself, there’s got to be something I can do at this point to take more control over it.  So I started working out.”

That’s when she met the team at TUF and began group fitness training.

She Started at 196 Pounds

On her first day, she weighed in at 196 pounds.  “I hated seeing that number, I almost want to forget it,” she said.

She started working out three times a week, and it immediately paid off.  She lost 20 pounds within the first three months.

But then she plateaued.  “It wasn’t budging.  It wasn’t going anywhere, and I was feeling pretty fricking frustrated,” she said.

Although she had been trying to eat her own version of a low carb diet, she wasn’t following an organized plan at the time.

Starting the Trim® Carb Revolution Program

That’s when the TUF team introduced her to the Trim® Carb Revolution program.  She read the program instructions and started following the guidelines.

“The Trim Nutrition detox really allowed me to have a true focus on portion control,” she said.  “Like what I was eating, what time of the day and how to eat it. It forced me into rethinking how I was eating.”

After just one week of following the detox phase (Phase 1) of the program, Marie overcame the monthslong plateau and lost 13 pounds.  

“That was a huge jumpstart,” she said.  “Following the Trim program made the difference.  Just that alone taught me a lot about food and how it works for your body.  It wasn’t until I actually took the Trim Nutrition detox, Phase 1 that I really got it and understood why it wasn’t coming off.”

After her initial success she said she “got a big head” and “thought, I can do this on my own.” But she got off track during the holidays.

“Five pounds would creep on and then that fear of becoming that woman who was just yo-yoing up and down, gaining the 20 again,” she said. “I got to get back on the shakes!”

The Structure of the Program is Key

Marie said the structure of the program is the key to her success.  “I’m not usually a schedule girl, I fly by the seat of my pants. But that kind of discipline is where it’s at,” she said.  “I can’t do it the way I think I can do it.  I will continue to gain if I continue to do it my way.  Clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing.  So having the structure of the program, and going through the phases, for me in my experience has been the best.  I love this laid out for me like that.”  

Why Marie Loves Trim® Fuel Protein Shakes

Marie swears by drinking two Trim® Fuel Protein shakes every day. She said the Trim® shakes are the best she’s ever tried.  

“It is an amazing shake!  I love it,” she said.  After trying many other popular shake brands she said,  “It’s the only one that didn’t give me really bad gas.  I have tried IdealShake and Shakeology, and a couple other whey products and bad things happen to your stomach.  In the dental field when you’re sitting next to a patient and your stomach is doing the, not I’m hungry growl, it is not very pleasant to try talk through that, or talk over it, or even do anything else .  You just want to get up and walk away.”  

Marie said her healthier habits are influencing her family members.  “I’ve changed the way I cook now just based upon starting the program. I’ve started implementing it on the kids.”

Marie’s Fitness Program at Trinity Ultimate Fitness

Marie loves training with the team at TUF so much that she’s bumped up her workouts to five days a week – three days of group fitness training and two days of semi-private training.

“They are wonderful,” she said.  “They really spoil their clients.  They pay a lot of attention to them, and who doesn’t like that? Just having them by your side like that.  I just feel so fortunate to have met them, because without them I definitely wouldn’t have been introduced to Trim.  They’re just a fabulous group of people.”

Marie is now in Phase 3 of the program and weighs 152 pounds.

“I’ve done well! I’m so happy,” she said.  “I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, the strongest I’ve ever been the most consistent I’ve ever been.  It’s just been a great program.  I’m definitely moving on to Phase 4.”

About Marie’s Program

Marie’s program included carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting along with consumption of high proteinhealthy fats, and Trim® Nutrition nutraceuticals.  The Trim® Carb Revolution™ program introduced Marie to a healthy approach to eating carbs for optimum health.  Click Here to learn more about Trim® Carb Revolution™ or click the banner below to enter to win a free 7-Day Detox kit!

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