Trim® Carb Revolution 7-Day Detox Program


Eat Carbs, Lose Weight

Phase 1 of our Carb Revolution™ Program: low carb phase that prepares your body for carb balancing.

Trim® Carb Revolution™ is the cutting-edge fitness and weight management program that resets your body’s fat burning hormones and accelerates your metabolic drive.

Carb Revolution™ utilizes the science of carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting along with consumption of high protein, healthy fats, and Trim® Nutrition nutraceuticals.  There is no calorie counting, label reading or point collecting required, making the program easy to follow and maintain.

Carb Revolution™ is divided into 3 flexible phases, which are interchangeable: Phase I (Detox), Phase II (Leaning), Phase III (Maintenance).  In the month long Trim® Carb Revolution™ you will cycle through all three phases.  The 7 day Detox program is used if you relapse and need to detox after the holidays or perhaps a vacation.

The goal is to reach your optimal weight and fitness level. Follow the Carb Revolution™ algorithm that funnels you through the necessary program phases that ends with the ultimate fitness-based phase called the Max Cutter Phase.

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7-Day Detox Program
The 7-Day Detox phase is also the first phase of the complete Carb Revolution™ weight and fitness management program. Those who want to continue their
success beyond the detox phase towards their weight and fitness goals, will follow the subsequent phases: Phase II (Leaning), Phase III (Maintenance).
Phase II and Phase III use carbohydrate cycling to strategically introduce these important macronutrients into your diet. Carb cycling is the practice of
consuming varying quantities of carbohydrates at specific days and times. These strategic carbohydrate days combined with high protein, good fats, and
specific dietary supplements, contribute to an accelerated metabolic state while preserving lean muscle mass. That means you lose excess fat safely and
effectively without sacrificing muscle loss. After completing the 3 phases, you may move on to the ultimate fitness-based phase called the Max Cutter Phase.


Your Carb Revolution™ Detox Kit includes a complete 7 day supply of Trim® Nutrition supplements and protein shakes to help reduce inflammation, manage energy, ensure proper intake of nutrients and protein, and improve metabolism and hormone function.

  • 7 Trim® SuperBurn Daily-Packs: Provides fat burning and weight loss support, includes Beta Hydroxybutyrate that provides the benefits of a ketogenic diet without carb restriction.
  • 14 Trim® Fuel Protein Shakes Single-Packs: perfect for weight loss or general nutrition, and tastes great! One scoop of Trim® Fuel Protein Shakes provides 24 grams of the highest quality protein, is low calorie, contains less than 2 grams of carbohydrates, and is fortified with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants.
  • 7 Mini Trim® Energy Shots: delivers sustained energy with no crash.  Each shot is power-packed with 12 vitamins, 4 minerals, 9 amino acids, 16 super herbs, and small amount of caffeine from natural coffee beans.

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