How to Lose Body Fat – A Quick, Natural and Sustainable Method

How to Lose Body Fat – A Quick, Natural and Sustainable Method

Who doesn’t want to know how to lose body fat?! Here’s the breakdown for a quick, sustainable method for body fat loss, no matter your age or fitness level,from our guest blogger Arman Eckelbarger.

how to lose fatArman Eckelbarger is the owner of Trinity Ultimate Fitness centers in southwest Florida where he recommends the Trim® Carb Revolution™ program to his clients.  As a corporate wellness consultant, age management coach and National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) certified personal trainer with decades of experience, Eckelbarger provides expert consultation in the areas of nutrition, health and fitness to corporations, small businesses and individuals.


What’s the best way to lose body fat?

As a fitness professional, people ask me this question all the time.  With so many quick-fix weight loss methods to sift through – low-fat, low-calorie, 5-6 small meals a day, hours of cardio etc. – the confusion surrounding diet, exercise and fat loss is understandable.

The truth is, some of these methods may yield successes, but these victories are short-term.  They simply don’t account for how the body actually burns fat.

I have experienced it first-hand.  I’ve been training and watching my nutritional intake for more than 30 years and have seen progress from most of the ideas out there – but nothing compares to the phenomenal success myself and my clients have experienced over this past year.

What are we doing and why is it providing a sustainable solution for quick and natural fat loss?

The key factors are, strategic consumption of healthy fats and carbs.

I’ve learned that eating fat is a wonderful thing, as long as you don’t combine it with too many carbohydrates each day.

Eating protein and fat provides sustained long term energy (typically 4-6 hours) and prevents muscle loss, which is important to maintain a good healthy metabolism.

Fats are essential to maintain optimum hormone levels.  Hormones tell the body what to do, and they need fat to do their job.

How carbohydrates and sugars cause weight gain

Don’t get me wrong.  We need some carbohydrates and sugar to re-fuel the liver and muscles from time to time, but not nearly as much as people are consuming – especially based on their activity levels.

If you are a competitive athlete, your carbohydrate needs are going to be much higher obviously, because it is quick, usable energy that needs to be replenished after a training event.

But most of my clients aren’t training for athletic competitions, they’re working professionals, retirees or homemakers who want to look and feel their best.

Every time you consume carbohydrates (5 grams or more) your body will need to produce some insulin to help break them down.  This shuts down the fat burning process, and causes the body to work off the quick energy.

Elevated insulin levels create those dreaded food cravings throughout the day for more quick energy needs. This leads to eating more food than the body is burning, which needs to be stored somewhere.

Carbohydrates and sugars typically go to the liver and muscles.  But if they are already full of glucose, then the body has a way of creating digestive enzymes that move everything in excess to the fat cells.

Now during exercise, instead of burning fat – which is the goal – the body works hard to burn all those extra carbohydrates.

This is why you see ups and downs whenever you step on the scale.  The fluctuations you see are weight loss, not fat loss.

How to burn fat all day long

To burn fat and maintain muscle, you need to focus on eating quality protein sources (complete amino acids) combined with fat and very few carbohydrates. Protein digests much better when combined with fat because they both use acids. Carbohydrates are more alkaline based and get in the way.

Think of the saying, oil and water do not mix.

Now, since fat burns slower and steadier, your energy levels will be more stable.  And since there is less insulin needed, your cravings will disappear – plus your insulin sensitivity will dramatically improve!

When making this kind of nutritional transition, you will experience some energy adjustments for a few days because the body is switching how it will burn energy. You will be going from quick energy needs (lack of carbohydrates) to a more sustained energy (fats). This usually takes about 3-4 days, depending on the person, and then everything returns to normal.

How many carbohydrates can I have each day and still continue burning fat?

I’ve seen a lot of debate on this number, but most are having success keeping their carbohydrate intake to under 30 grams per day.

Keeping your carbohydrate consumption below 30 grams, helps to suppress those digestive enzymes that push extra carbohydrates and sugars to the fat cells.

I know you’re thinking, wow that is nothing- yes, but there’s a catch.

A carbohydrate loading day in the evening from 5-10 pm, every 5-7 days with high glycemic carbohydrates (the bad carbs like pasta, white potatoes, sticky white rice, etc.), will keep your fat burning hormones working at peak levels due to the insulin spike. Plus, now you can re-load the liver and muscles that may be somewhat depleted of glucose.

How does this affect exercise and training?

The key thing to understand is this. The amino acids from protein and resistance training are what build muscle – nothing else.  

I have found that most of my clients adapt within a few days.

From my own experience, it was rough for about 3 days – and then things went back to normal, which was a shocker to me.   Keep in mind that I train with heavy weights for about 40 minutes, 3-4 times per week.  I don’t do crazy, long workouts of an hour or more.

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