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Trim® Nutrition Inc. is the flagship brand of Wellness Health Management, Inc.— a medical company specializing in development, manufacture, sales and distribution of high performance health and wellness products and services. Trim® Nutrition’s product line includes vitamins, supplements and protein shakes manufactured in CGMP facilities.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Trim® Nutrition’s clinical staff of physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses, and research and development specialists are dedicated to the mission of Making Bodies Better™.

The Trim® Nutrition team personifies this mission, leading by example through healthy lifestyle, nutrition and daily use of Trim® products.

Since 2005, Trim® Nutrition’s doctor-formulated products have helped thousands of people improve their overall health and wellness, boost fitness and athletic performance, lose weight, detox from drugs and aid in the reduction of disease symptoms. Success stories are created every day both in our wellness centers and our online wellness community.

Trim® Nutrition has evolved as an industry leader in the development and delivery of innovative nutritional supplementation, targeting the epidemics that create healthcare crisis and economic hardship. As gains are made in areas of general nutrition, weight management and drug detoxification, Trim® Nutrition and its sister companies are committed to helping people achieve optimum health and wellness.

My life has changed since I found Trim Nutrition.  Knowing that I am taking such good care of myself has improved every aspect of my life.  And after taking the Trim Oath - I have never felt so self-motivated!

Brandon K
Brandon KCustomer

Customer service made themselved immediately available to discuss my order!  Thanks!

I now have a new favorite source for the supplements I need!

Robin Reid
Robin R.Customer

I used to be fatigued all the time and had a hard time balancing sleep and work.

Since taking the adrenal repair and powercell I havent felt better!

Den Jackson
Den JacksonCustomer

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